My parents taught my brothers and me that if we worked hard, and played by the rules that eventually we could succeed.  At times I've failed, I've fallen short, I've made bad choices, but I've learned from all my choices and I never gave up, I kept moving forward!  The promise of opportunity for the people of Wisconsin is fading.  Working hard, doing the right things and sheer perseverance isn’t enough to get ahead anymore.  While you and I were working hard every day, THEY changed the rules of the game. if it feels like your life is harder than it was for your parents, your right!  Our children will not be afforded the same opportunity for success that we were blessed with.

I'm running for State Assembly because I believe we need to hold our elected representatives accountable.  There is a better way forward; it begins with electing people who understand their duty is to serve the people, not to take from people. 

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